IS Dongseo

IS Dongseo is a South Korean company developing housing, civil engineering, and resort projects. The company also has a division manufacturing concrete products.


Doosan is a South Korean company operating several divisions in different sectors: electro-materials (manufacturing of copper clad laminates), hydrolic components, industrial vehicles, fuel cell power, digital innovation, and retail (Doota Mall in Dongdaemun, Seoul). 

Doosan is the representative company of the Doosan Group. As such, the company owns 44.86% of the shares of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, a subsidiary.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is a South Korean company specialized in manufacturing equipment and providing services for power plants and water treatment and desalination plants. The company also provides casting and forging products for a variety of applications. Through its Construction arm, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has built residential complexes, business facilities, plants (including some of South Korea's nuclear plants), and major civil works like the Incheon-Gimpo highway or the Haman-Gunbuk industrial complex.

SK networks

SK is a South Korean trading company importing and exporting steel, automotive, chemical, and coal products to businesses worldwide. The company also maintains a large phone distribution network in South Korea, operates car rental service SK rent-a-car, household appliance rental service SK magic, and several hotels including the Grand Walkerhill Seoul and the Incheon Airport transit hotel.

Hyundai Rotem

Hyundai Rotem is a South Korean company manufacturing rolling stock for projects worldwide. The company has produced light rail, electric and diesel multiple-unit trains for transit systems in many countries, including the South Korea, the Phillipines (Manila Line 1), and the US (for SEPTA in Philadelphia). The company also manufactures battle tanks and other military vehicles, and provides turn-key plant and machinery solutions for customers.

Hyundai WIA

Hyundai WIA is a company of the Hyundai Motor Group that manufactures automobile parts, machine tools such as turning centers and tapping centers, and a defense supplier of weapons and aircraft parts. The company is notable for being the only automobile engine manufacturer in South Korea, and produces gasoline, diesel, and turbocharger models. 


Hyosung is a South Korean company operating in the domains of texting, construction, industrial materials and systems, chemical, and information and communication. The company is internationally known mostly for its ATMs, as the company exports its ATMs in 30 countries (JPMorgan Chase is one of its customers).

LS Electric

LS Electric is a manufacturer of electrical power systems and devices like power transformers and circuit breakers. The company has subsidiaries in the US, Japan, China, Vietnam, the UAE and the Netherlands.

Hanwha Corporation

Hanwha Corporation is a South Korean company with explosives, defense, trading, and machinery divisions. The defense division of the company manufactures advanced ammunition, underwater surveillance equipment, and rockets, bombs, and other weapons.