Consumer Discretionary

Nexen Tire

Nexen Tire is a manufacturer and distributor of tires. The company manufactures tires for passenger vehicles, trucks, and competition. Nexen Tire also manufactures tire inner tubes, flaps, and envelopes for specialized applications (e.g., buses, heavy trucks, tractors). The two main domestic competitors of Nexen Tire are Hankook and Kumho Tire.

SL Corporation

SL Corporation is a South Korean automobile parts manufacturer. The company manufactures lamp, chassis, and mirror systems; as well as front end modules (FEM), around view monitoring (AVM) and head-up display (HUD) systems. Despite the many product categories, SL Corporation's dominant sales are in lamp systems, representing 77% of its total sales as of 2020.

Hyundai Green Food

Hyundai Green Food is a South Korean company specializing in food-related businesses. The company operates several divisions: food service (dining preparation and service), restaurants (21 brands), distribution/retail (food outlets in department stores and independent restaurants), food ingredient distribution, and food retail distribution. The company operates six food logistics/distribution centers and processing factories in South Korea, including two locations in Gyeongin and one location in Ulsan.

Kumho Tire

Kumho Tire is a company manufacturing retail and specialty tires for passenger cars, trucks, buses, and competition cars.

Kumho Tire used to be part of the Kumho Asiana Group until 2018. The major shareholders of the company include Chinese company Xingwei Korea Company (45%), Woori Bank (7.8%), and the Korea Development Bank (7.4%).

Kolon Industries

Kolon Industries is a manufacturer of industrial materials such as tire cords, cushions and fabrics for airbags, technical yarn, and artificial leather; films and electric materials; checials such as hydrocarbon and PET resins; and clothing items through brands like Kolon Sport and Lucky Chouette. The company also operates Common Ground, a shopping mall built with shipping containers, and an online retail store called Kolon Mall.


GKL (Grand Korea Leisure) is a South Korean casino operator. The company operates the Seven Luck casino brand, with locations in the Gangnam Coex, the Millenium Seoul Hilton, and the Busan Lotte Hotel. The casinos the company operates in South Korea can only be visited by foreigners because of domestic gambling laws. 

The major shareholders of GKL are the Korea Tourism Organization (51%) and the National Pension Service (11.89%)

Hyundai WIA

Hyundai WIA is a company of the Hyundai Motor Group that manufactures automobile parts, machine tools such as turning centers and tapping centers, and a defense supplier of weapons and aircraft parts. The company is notable for being the only automobile engine manufacturer in South Korea, and produces gasoline, diesel, and turbocharger models. 


Youngone is a South Korean OEM clothing, shoe and supply manufacturer, a supplier of textile and other materials for the manufacture of clothing articles. The company is notable for launching the North Face brand in South Korea in 1997. The company was originally founded in 1974 as Youngone Trading, but the company as it exists today was the result of a division of the company's assets into Youngone Holdings and Youngone.

Shinsegae International

Shinsegae International is a wholesaler of domestic and international fashion, beauty, and living brands such as Alexander Wang, Celine, Christian Louboutin, Diesel, and Gap for the South Korean market. The mall operator Shinsegae is the majority owner of Shinsegae International, owning a 45.76% stake in the company.