Foosung is a South Korean chemical company who produces refrigerants; electrolytes for lithium batteries, batteries and battery additives for lithium-ion batteries, speciality gases such as C4F6 and HK-23, and fluorine compounds.

Taekwang Industrial

Taekwang Industrial is a South Korean company producing petrochemical materials such as PTA (purified terephtalic acid) and hydrogen peroxide, synthetic fiber such as acrylic and spandex, textile and advanced material (carbon fiber, aramid fiber). 

While most of the company's production sites are in South Korea, the company operates two production sites abroad, one in Changshu (China) and one in Gaeseong (North Korea). The company also has one office in Shanghai.

Kolon Industries

Kolon Industries is a manufacturer of industrial materials such as tire cords, cushions and fabrics for airbags, technical yarn, and artificial leather; films and electric materials; checials such as hydrocarbon and PET resins; and clothing items through brands like Kolon Sport and Lucky Chouette. The company also operates Common Ground, a shopping mall built with shipping containers, and an online retail store called Kolon Mall.

Hansol Chemical

Hansol Chemical is a South Korean company producing fine chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, synthetic latex, and benzoyl peroxide, as well as electronic materials and thin film materials. Hansol Chemical is part of Hansol Group, a South Korean conglomerate overseeing companies in various sectors, including paper products, IT, and construction.


OCI (formerly Oriental Chemical Industries) is a South Korean company manufacturing basic chemicals such as polysilicon and sodium polycarbonate, petrochemicals and carbon materials. The company also manufactures and sells turnkey solar photovoltaic solutions. The company built the Alamo photovoltaic site in Texas, US. The company has subsidiaries in Asia and North America.


Hyosung is a South Korean company operating in the domains of texting, construction, industrial materials and systems, chemical, and information and communication. The company is internationally known mostly for its ATMs, as the company exports its ATMs in 30 countries (JPMorgan Chase is one of its customers).


KCC is a South Korean company manufacturing various materials and chemicals including coatings, insulation wool, adhesives, and other materials. The company also conducts research projects in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and silicone production. 


SKC is a South Korean company manufacturing polyester films used for displays, packaging, industrial, and other uses. The company also produces coated films for windows, high-functioning polymers, and material for photovoltaic modules.