Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Life Sciences

Dong-A ST

Dong-A ST is a pharmaceutical company manufacturing prescription, over-the-counter medication, and test kits for various diseases and infections; and importing medical devices.


ChongKunDang is a South Korean pharmaceutical company manufacturing and distributing prescription and over-the-counter medication, health supplements, and consumer health and household products such as hair color and pest control products.

Yungjin Pharm

Yungjin Pharm is a South Korean pharmaceutical company. 

The main shareholder of Yungjin Pharm is KT&G, a company manufacturing tobacco, ginseng, and pharmaceutical products, with 52.45% of shares.


Yuhan is a pharmaceutical company developing, manufacturing, and distributing pharmaceutical products domestically and abroad. 

Hanmi Pharmaceutical

Hanmi Pharmaceutical researches, develops, licenses, and manufactures pharmaceutical products for South Korea and overseas. The company's main outpatient products are Amosartan (hypertension-hyperlipidemia), Rosuzet (hyperlipidemia), Pal Pal (hypertension), and Esomezol (GERB).

The company has numerous products in its research and development pipeline, targeting chronic conditions such as obesity and diabetes, oncology, and rare diseases.