Diversified Financials

Orion Holdings

Orion Holdings is the holding company for the Orion Group. The company hold 37.37% of Orion, the representative company of the Orion Group, and 57.51% of SHOWBOX, a firm financing and distributing South Korean movies domestically and worldwide.

ILJIN Holdings

ILJIN Holdings is the holding company for the ILJIN Group, a South Korean conglomerate manufacturing electrical infrastructures, materials (elecfoil, sapphire, diamond), displays, and steel through its subsidiaries. The company has also subsidiaries operating in construction, lighting, medical systems, and IT. Iljin owns local TV station JTV (Jeonju TV).  

NH Investment & Securities

NH Investment & Securities is a South Korean financial company offering brokerage, retail and investment banking services to its customers. The company also offers mutual and hedge funds. Other poles of the NH Investment & Securities include Private Equity, Prime Brokerage Service, and Wholesale. Samsung Securities is a domestic competitor of NH Investment & Securities.