Food, Beverage and Tobacco

Hyundai Green Food

Hyundai Green Food is a South Korean company specializing in food-related businesses. The company operates several divisions: food service (dining preparation and service), restaurants (21 brands), distribution/retail (food outlets in department stores and independent restaurants), food ingredient distribution, and food retail distribution. The company operates six food logistics/distribution centers and processing factories in South Korea, including two locations in Gyeongin and one location in Ulsan.


Nongshim is a South Korean food and beverage manufacturer. The company is famous for producing some of the most popular ramyeon (instant noodles) varieties, including Shin Ramyun and Chapaghetti (and the derivative Chapaguri made famous by the South Korean Academy Award winner Parasite). Nongshim also manufactures snacks and bottled water (Baeksan Artesian Water). The company is part of the Nongshim Group, as such it is 33% owned by Nongshim Holdings, a company that holds shares in other sister companies such as Taekyung Nongsan and Youlchon Chemistry.


Dongsuh is a South Korean company manufacturing and distributing food products such as Maxim coffee and Dongsuh tea. The company also imports popular brands to South Korea, such as Red Bull, Ocean Spray, Dr. Oetker, and Badoit.


Ottogi is a South Korean food manufacturer. The company manufactures sauces, instant noodles, oils, canned food, frozen food, and other food staples distributed domestically and internationally. 


HITEJINRO is a South Korean beer brewer and distiller of alcoholic products. The company is famous for its eponymous Hite beer and Jinro soju brands. Other popular products are Chamisul, one of the most popular soju brands in the world, and the relaunched JINRO soju. The company also imports into Korea alcohols from other countries, such as French wine and Kirin Ichiban beer.

HITEJINRO was founded in 2005 through the acquisition of Jinro by Hite, two distillers.


Orion is a South Korean company manufacturing snacks, confections, bottled water, and other food products.

The company also produces and distributes popular Korean movies such as Taxi Driver through its Showbox division.

Orion also owns the basketball team Goyang Orions.

Orion used to own a large TV network operating several channels, including OCN (Orion Cinema Network), before its purchase by CJ E&M.