Kolon Industries

Kolon Industries is a manufacturer of industrial materials such as tire cords, cushions and fabrics for airbags, technical yarn, and artificial leather; films and electric materials; checials such as hydrocarbon and PET resins; and clothing items through brands like Kolon Sport and Lucky Chouette. The company also operates Common Ground, a shopping mall built with shipping containers, and an online retail store called Kolon Mall.

Shinsegae International

Shinsegae International is a wholesaler of domestic and international fashion, beauty, and living brands such as Alexander Wang, Celine, Christian Louboutin, Diesel, and Gap for the South Korean market. The mall operator Shinsegae is the majority owner of Shinsegae International, owning a 45.76% stake in the company.

Fila Holdings

Fila Holdings is the holding company for the Fila sports brand and the associated stores. Originally an Italian brand founded in 1911, Fila Holdings was bought by its independent South Korean division in 2007 and became listed on the Korean exchange in 2010.

Fila Holdings sponsors the Seoul Doosan Bears.


Shinsegae is a South Korean luxury department store operator. The company operates its eponymous department stores throughout the country, including its main building in Jung-gu and its most popular location in Gangnam. The company also operates duty-free stores in airports, and malls under its Starfield chain, including the popular COEX mall in Seoul. Shinsegae used to be part of the Samsung Group before its separation in 1997.

Lotte Shopping

Lotte Shopping is a retail company part of the Lotte conglomerate. The company operates department stores, supermarkets, and grocery stores. Its subsidiaries also operate in other businesses such as home shopping (Lotte Homeshopping); movie theaters, production and distribution (Lotte Cultureworks); and electronics retail (Lotte Himart).

Hotel Shilla

Hotel Shilla is a hotel and travel retail (duty-free stores) group part of the Samsung conglomerate. The company operates high-end luxury hotels and resorts (Shilla brand), business-focused brands in city centers (Shilla Stay), and its new Shilla Monogram brand focused on integrating high-end experiences with local lifestyles.

Samsung C&T

Samsung C&T (Construction and Trading) is a South Korean company specialized in engineering and construction, fashion, trade of natural and transformed materials, renewable energy, and resorts.

Samsung C&T has built remarkable landmarks worldwide, such as the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, the Incheon International Airport, and Burj Khalifa (largest skyscraper as of 2020). The company has also built numerous apartment complexes throughout South Korea.