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Lotte Shopping

Lotte Shopping is a retail company part of the Lotte conglomerate. The company operates department stores, supermarkets, and grocery stores. Its subsidiaries also operate in other businesses such as home shopping (Lotte Homeshopping); movie theaters, production and distribution (Lotte Cultureworks); and electronics retail (Lotte Himart).


Orion is a South Korean company manufacturing snacks, confections, bottled water, and other food products.

The company also produces and distributes popular Korean movies such as Taxi Driver through its Showbox division.

Orion also owns the basketball team Goyang Orions.

Orion used to own a large TV network operating several channels, including OCN (Orion Cinema Network), before its purchase by CJ E&M.


Kakao Corp is an Internet company offering a wide array of services including KakaoTalk, the leading online instant messaging client in South Korea (similar to Whatsapp).

A result of the merger between Daum Communications and Kakao, Kakao Corp combines numerous Daum products, such as the Daum search engine and portal and online music streaming service Melon, with all the existing Kakao services, including Kakao Talk, map and navigation service Kakao Map, ride-hailing service Kakao Taxi, and many more.


Naver is a South Korean company providing multiple Internet services, including the top Internet portal in Korea. The company also provides map services (Naver Map, 네이버 지도), a news portal (Naver News), and digital advertising services similar to Google's. Naver's main domestic rival is Kakao, an Internet company with popular services such as KakaoTalk (leading chat service in South Korea), Kakao Map, Daum Search and online music streaming platform Melon.