ChongKunDang is a South Korean pharmaceutical company manufacturing and distributing prescription and over-the-counter medication, health supplements, and consumer health and household products such as hair color and pest control products.

Besides manufacturing medication under license from other companies like Roche's Tamiflu, the company has developed anticancer drug Camptobell (2004) and antidiabetic drug Duvie (2014). ChongKunDang operates a research center (Hyo-jong Research Institute) and has dedicated more than 900M won per year to research since 2015. As of August 2020 the company has several drugs in its pipeline in various phases; current stage 3 NCE drugs target diabetes, hypertension, pain, uremic pruritus, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and gastritis.

Although the company has licensing deals with many international companies, ChongKunDang's worldwide footprint is limited to a joint venture in Indonesia and a representative office in Vietnam. Most of the manufacturing for the company is located domestically in Cheonan city.

ChongKunDang Holdings, the holding company for the ChongKunDang group, holds 24% of ChongKunDang's shares listed on the KOSPI.


Company listings

KRX: 185750

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