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Aekyung Industrial (애경산업)

Aekyung Industrial is a South Korean company manufacturing beauty, dental care, and household products. The company operates brands such as Kerasys and Showermate for hair and body care, 2080 for dental care, Spark for laundry detergent, and Luna and Age 20 for makeup.

Aekyung Industrial Listings

KRX: 018250

Amorepacific (아모레퍼시픽)

Amorepacific is a South Korean cosmetics company and the 12th largest cosmetics company in the world. Amorepacific operates cosmetics brands widely popular domestically and in East Asia, such as Laneige, IOPE, and Innisfree; and store networks distributing their products like Aritaum.

Amorepacific Corp Listings

KRX: 090430

AMOREPACIFIC Group (아모레퍼시픽 그룹)

The AMOREPACIFIC Group is the holding company of Amorepacific.


KRX: 002790

BGF Retail (BGF리테일)

BGF Retail operates convenience stores, manufactures and distributes food products, and  maintains a distribution network throughout Korea.

BGF Retail Listings

KRX: 282330

BNK Financial Group (BNK금융지주)

BNK Financial Group is a South Korean regional banking group. Its subsidiaries include BNK Busan Bank, BNK Kyongnam Bank, BNK Capital, and BNK Securities.

BNK Financial Group Listings

KRX: 138930

Bukwang Pharmaceutical (부광약품)

Bukwang Pharmaceutical is a South Korean company researching, manufacturing, and distributing its own or its subsidiaries' prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs as well as licensed drugs from worldwide partners.

Bukwang Pharmaceutical Listings

KRX: 003000

Celltrion (셀트리온)

Celltrion is a South Korean biopharmaceutical company manufacturing, distributing, and selling medication and treatments for autoimmune diseases and cancers.

Celltrion Listings

KRX: 068270

Cheil Worldwide (제일기획)

Cheil Worldwide is a South Korean company providing marketing services to its clients, from 360 brand management to print and web marketing campaigns.

Cheil Worldwide Listings

KRX: 030000

ChongKunDang (종근당)

ChongKunDang is a South Korean pharmaceutical company manufacturing and distributing prescription and over-the-counter medication, health supplements, and consumer health and household products such as hair color and pest control products.

ChongKunDang Listings

KRX: 185750

ChongKunDang Holdings (종근당 홀딩스)

ChongKunDang Holdings is a holding company for companies of South Korean pharmaceutical conglomerate ChongKunDang Group.

ChongKunDang Holdings Listings

KRX: 001630