ILJIN Holdings

ILJIN Holdings is the holding company for the ILJIN Group, a South Korean conglomerate manufacturing electrical infrastructures, materials (elecfoil, sapphire, diamond), displays, and steel through its subsidiaries. The company has also subsidiaries operating in construction, lighting, medical systems, and IT. Iljin owns local TV station JTV (Jeonju TV).  


HITEJINRO is a South Korean beer brewer and distiller of alcoholic products. The company is famous for its eponymous Hite beer and Jinro soju brands. Other popular products are Chamisul, one of the most popular soju brands in the world, and the relaunched JINRO soju. The company also imports into Korea alcohols from other countries, such as French wine and Kirin Ichiban beer.

HITEJINRO was founded in 2005 through the acquisition of Jinro by Hite, two distillers.

Kumho Petrochemical Group

Kumho Petrochemical is a manufacturer of petrochemical products, producing synthetic rubbers and resins, rubber chemicals to improve tires, and nanocarbon for semiconductors, carbon nanotubes that can be used for solar cells and electrochemical capacitors. It used to be part of the Kumho Asiana Group before becoming independent in 2015.

Korean Air

Korean Air (officially Korean Air Lines) is the flag carrier airline of South Korea, privately owned since 1969. The company is the largest airline in South Korea, ahead of Asiana, and operates 166 Boeing and Airbus aircraft on domestic and international routes, serving 123 cities (as of June 2020). Korean Air also operates cargo, aerospace, catering, and in-flight sale services.


GS E&C (Engineering & Construction) is a South Korean company specialized in the construction of factories, power plants and distribution lines, residences and offices, civil infrastructures, and leisure resorts. The company is part of the GS conglomerate.

LG Chem sets 2050 target for carbon-neutral growth

LG Chem targets "carbon-neutral growth" by 2050 by using renewable energy in its domestic and international business sites, banning the use of landfills for new business sites, creating programs for recycling batteries and plastics, and improving its supply chains to meet customer requirements. More information can be found on LG Chem's press release.