Ottogi is a South Korean food manufacturer. The company manufactures sauces, instant noodles, oils, canned food, frozen food, and other food staples distributed domestically and internationally. 

Daewoo E&C

Daewoo E&C (Engineering & Construction) is a South Korean company building civil works, plants, architectural works, housing, and urban developments. 50.75% of the company is owned by the Korean Development Bank, South Korea's public development bank


KCC is a South Korean company manufacturing various materials and chemicals including coatings, insulation wool, adhesives, and other materials. The company also conducts research projects in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and silicone production. 


SKC is a South Korean company manufacturing polyester films used for displays, packaging, industrial, and other uses. The company also produces coated films for windows, high-functioning polymers, and material for photovoltaic modules.

Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance

Hyundai Marine and Fire Insurance is an automobile, health, child, and property insurer. The company also provides annuity insurance. The company has several overseas subsidiaries such as in China, USA, and the UK.

21.9% of the company is owned by Chung Mong-Yoon, one of the sons of Chung Ju-yung, Hyundai's founder.

POSCO International

POSCO International is a South Korean trading company importing and exporting various materials such as steel, liquified natural gas, minerals, agricultural products, or chemicals. The company used to be part of the Daewoo Group as Daewoo Industrial before being separated from the group in 2000, changing its name as Daewoo International. The company was then folded into POSCO Group in 2010.

Pan Ocean

Pan Ocean is a South Korean maritime shipping company, operating various ships catering to different cargo types, such as dry bulk cargo, liquified natural gas, oil, and cars. The company operates 16 tankers, 1 LNG gas carrier, 61 bulk carriers, 2 heavy lift vessels, and 2 containerships. The company serves ports across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North and South America.

The company's main shareholder as of December 2019 is Harim Holdings, owning 54.7% of the issued shares. 

ILJIN Materials

ILJIN Materials is a South Korean company manufacturing Elecfoil, a material used in the production of printed circuit boards. The company also produces lithium manganese oxide for batteries. The company is part of the ILJIN Group.