Shinsegae International

Shinsegae International is a wholesaler of domestic and international fashion, beauty, and living brands such as Alexander Wang, Celine, Christian Louboutin, Diesel, and Gap for the South Korean market. The mall operator Shinsegae is the majority owner of Shinsegae International, owning a 45.76% stake in the company.


Hanssem is a company designing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling interior furniture, appliances, household accessories, and other products for the home. The company operates stores throughout South Korea as well as an online shopping mall selling Hanssem products.

Hanssem has a strong US presence, with a factory in New Jersey and a showroom in Boston.

Hanwha Corporation

Hanwha Corporation is a South Korean company with explosives, defense, trading, and machinery divisions. The defense division of the company manufactures advanced ammunition, underwater surveillance equipment, and rockets, bombs, and other weapons.

Hanwha Aerospace

Hanwha Aerospace is a manufacturer of aerospatial parts and systems such as engines, hydraulic, and fuel systems. The company is the only South Korean aircraft engine manufacturer. Hanwha Aerospace's clients include Raytheon Technologies, Siemens, and Safran. 

Hanwha Corp owns a 33.34% stake in Hanwha Aerospace, making it the largest shareholder.

The company has subsidiaries in Vietnam, Singapore, and the United States.


Mando is a South Korean company researching and manufacturing automotive parts for domestic and international customers. Mando manufactures brake (40% of its sales), steering (30%), suspension (17%), and driver assistance systems (12%), as well as electronic components such as ultrasonic and torque sensors.

Mando's clients include Hyundai and Kia (59%), North American companies (19%; including General Motors), Chinese and European companies (respectively 11% and 5%). 

Mando's main shareholders are Halla Holdings (30.2%) and the National Pension Service (13.8%).


KEPCO KPS (Plant Service & Engineering) is a company specialized in the maintenance of power plants (nuclear, thermal, and hydro power plants), power lines and substations for the South Korean market. Internationally, the company also has also operated and maintained power plants (including nuclear ones) in 25 countries.

The company is majority-owned by KEPCO (51%), its parent company. The National Pension Service is the second-largest single shareholder with 10.31% of shares. 

Hanwha Life

Hanwha Life is a South Korean company selling insurance services, retirement services, and offering asset management to South Korean customers.

The main shareholders of Hanwha Life are Hanwha Engineering and Construction (25.09%), Hanwha Corporation (18.15%), and the Korean Deposit Insurance Corporation (KDIC; 10.00%).