LS Group

LS Group is a South Korean conglomerate spanning several sectors, from electric and automation systems to telecommunications.

Hyundai WIA

Hyundai WIA is a company of the Hyundai Motor Group that manufactures automobile parts, machine tools such as turning centers and tapping centers, and a defense supplier of weapons and aircraft parts. The company is notable for being the only automobile engine manufacturer in South Korea, and produces gasoline, diesel, and turbocharger models. 


Youngone is a South Korean OEM clothing, shoe and supply manufacturer, a supplier of textile and other materials for the manufacture of clothing articles. The company is notable for launching the North Face brand in South Korea in 1997. The company was originally founded in 1974 as Youngone Trading, but the company as it exists today was the result of a division of the company's assets into Youngone Holdings and Youngone.


OCI (formerly Oriental Chemical Industries) is a South Korean company manufacturing basic chemicals such as polysilicon and sodium polycarbonate, petrochemicals and carbon materials. The company also manufactures and sells turnkey solar photovoltaic solutions. The company built the Alamo photovoltaic site in Texas, US. The company has subsidiaries in Asia and North America.


Hyosung is a South Korean company operating in the domains of texting, construction, industrial materials and systems, chemical, and information and communication. The company is internationally known mostly for its ATMs, as the company exports its ATMs in 30 countries (JPMorgan Chase is one of its customers).

LS Electric

LS Electric is a manufacturer of electrical power systems and devices like power transformers and circuit breakers. The company has subsidiaries in the US, Japan, China, Vietnam, the UAE and the Netherlands.


Dongsuh is a South Korean company manufacturing and distributing food products such as Maxim coffee and Dongsuh tea. The company also imports popular brands to South Korea, such as Red Bull, Ocean Spray, Dr. Oetker, and Badoit.