Kolon Industries

Kolon Industries is a manufacturer of industrial materials such as tire cords, cushions and fabrics for airbags, technical yarn, and artificial leather; films and electric materials; checials such as hydrocarbon and PET resins; and clothing items through brands like Kolon Sport and Lucky Chouette. The company also operates Common Ground, a shopping mall built with shipping containers, and an online retail store called Kolon Mall.


GKL (Grand Korea Leisure) is a South Korean casino operator. The company operates the Seven Luck casino brand, with locations in the Gangnam Coex, the Millenium Seoul Hilton, and the Busan Lotte Hotel. The casinos the company operates in South Korea can only be visited by foreigners because of domestic gambling laws. 

The major shareholders of GKL are the Korea Tourism Organization (51%) and the National Pension Service (11.89%)

SK networks

SK is a South Korean trading company importing and exporting steel, automotive, chemical, and coal products to businesses worldwide. The company also maintains a large phone distribution network in South Korea, operates car rental service SK rent-a-car, household appliance rental service SK magic, and several hotels including the Grand Walkerhill Seoul and the Incheon Airport transit hotel.

Hansol Chemical

Hansol Chemical is a South Korean company producing fine chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, synthetic latex, and benzoyl peroxide, as well as electronic materials and thin film materials. Hansol Chemical is part of Hansol Group, a South Korean conglomerate overseeing companies in various sectors, including paper products, IT, and construction.

DB HiTek

DB HiTek is a South Korean specialized chip founder. The company manufactures BCDMOS, analog CMOS, and CMOS image sensors in two fabrication facilities both located in South Korea.

Besides South Korea, DB HiTek has sales offices in China, Taiwan, Japan, and the US.

DB HiTek is a company of DB Group, a conglomerate that includes insurance company DB Insurance.

Hyundai Rotem

Hyundai Rotem is a South Korean company manufacturing rolling stock for projects worldwide. The company has produced light rail, electric and diesel multiple-unit trains for transit systems in many countries, including the South Korea, the Phillipines (Manila Line 1), and the US (for SEPTA in Philadelphia). The company also manufactures battle tanks and other military vehicles, and provides turn-key plant and machinery solutions for customers.


Nongshim is a South Korean food and beverage manufacturer. The company is famous for producing some of the most popular ramyeon (instant noodles) varieties, including Shin Ramyun and Chapaghetti (and the derivative Chapaguri made famous by the South Korean Academy Award winner Parasite). Nongshim also manufactures snacks and bottled water (Baeksan Artesian Water). The company is part of the Nongshim Group, as such it is 33% owned by Nongshim Holdings, a company that holds shares in other sister companies such as Taekyung Nongsan and Youlchon Chemistry.