Orion Holdings

Orion Holdings is the holding company for the Orion Group. The company hold 37.37% of Orion, the representative company of the Orion Group, and 57.51% of SHOWBOX, a firm financing and distributing South Korean movies domestically and worldwide.

Yungjin Pharm

Yungjin Pharm is a South Korean pharmaceutical company. 

The main shareholder of Yungjin Pharm is KT&G, a company manufacturing tobacco, ginseng, and pharmaceutical products, with 52.45% of shares.

Taekwang Industrial

Taekwang Industrial is a South Korean company producing petrochemical materials such as PTA (purified terephtalic acid) and hydrogen peroxide, synthetic fiber such as acrylic and spandex, textile and advanced material (carbon fiber, aramid fiber). 

While most of the company's production sites are in South Korea, the company operates two production sites abroad, one in Changshu (China) and one in Gaeseong (North Korea). The company also has one office in Shanghai.


Doosan is a South Korean company operating several divisions in different sectors: electro-materials (manufacturing of copper clad laminates), hydrolic components, industrial vehicles, fuel cell power, digital innovation, and retail (Doota Mall in Dongdaemun, Seoul). 

Doosan is the representative company of the Doosan Group. As such, the company owns 44.86% of the shares of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, a subsidiary.

Kumho Tire

Kumho Tire is a company manufacturing retail and specialty tires for passenger cars, trucks, buses, and competition cars.

Kumho Tire used to be part of the Kumho Asiana Group until 2018. The major shareholders of the company include Chinese company Xingwei Korea Company (45%), Woori Bank (7.8%), and the Korea Development Bank (7.4%).

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is a South Korean company specialized in manufacturing equipment and providing services for power plants and water treatment and desalination plants. The company also provides casting and forging products for a variety of applications. Through its Construction arm, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has built residential complexes, business facilities, plants (including some of South Korea's nuclear plants), and major civil works like the Incheon-Gimpo highway or the Haman-Gunbuk industrial complex.