Dong-A ST

Dong-A ST is a pharmaceutical company manufacturing prescription, over-the-counter medication, and test kits for various diseases and infections; and importing medical devices.

Nexen Tire

Nexen Tire is a manufacturer and distributor of tires. The company manufactures tires for passenger vehicles, trucks, and competition. Nexen Tire also manufactures tire inner tubes, flaps, and envelopes for specialized applications (e.g., buses, heavy trucks, tractors). The two main domestic competitors of Nexen Tire are Hankook and Kumho Tire.


Cosmax is a company manufacturing cosmetic products marketed and sold by other companies. The company offers three levels of service to its customers: OEM (original equipment manufacturing; Cosmax in charge of manufacturing but not product development), ODM (original development and design manufacturing; Cosmax in charge of research, development and manufacturing), and OBM (Original Brand Design and Manufacturing; Cosmax in charge of everything from research to manufacturing and marketing strategies).

LG Chem plans for huge growth of battery business thanks to EV push

LG Chem, a company of the LG Group conglomerate, had sustained battery sales despite the pandemic, plans on its battery revenue to double by 2025, according to Bloomberg. The company expects to achieve this growth thanks to governmental incentives all around the world pushing for electric vehicles (EVs) adoption.

Samsung SDS and SK C&C competing for Korea Post's Financial IS Management

SK C&C and Samsung SDS are reportedly competing for a ₩206.4B contract for Korea Post's "next-generation financial information system management" according to the Korea Times. SK C&C and Samsung SDS are also competing with smaller mid-size companies that are opposed to conglomerates SK and Samsung winning yet-again a governmental bid.


Foosung is a South Korean chemical company who produces refrigerants; electrolytes for lithium batteries, batteries and battery additives for lithium-ion batteries, speciality gases such as C4F6 and HK-23, and fluorine compounds.

Aekyung Industrial

Aekyung Industrial is a South Korean company manufacturing beauty, dental care, and household products. The company operates brands such as Kerasys and Showermate for hair and body care, 2080 for dental care, Spark for laundry detergent, and Luna and Age 20 for makeup.